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          Perhaps you can’t be 17 again. But you can feel like it. When you reconnect with Marian, with old classmates and current students, you’ll be surprised how young it will make you feel. Whether your hair was a bouffant, teased, permed, long or in a sloppy bun… Whether you listened to folk rock, hard rock, alternative, R&B, rap or grunge…Whether you wore your plaid skirt long or rolled it short… Styles come and go, but the heart of Marian is still the same. And if you have a little place in your heart for Marian, for the girl you used to be, and how it shaped you in part to be the woman you are now, we invite you to come back. Get involved. Volunteer your time. Share your wisdom. And give what you can to ensure Marian will be strong for generations to come.


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          ag真人app官网下载,一个IHM主办的学校,完全由NCA CASI,先进的评审部门的认可。




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